We offer traditional strategies as well as special hedge fund and tailor made strategies.

In a Discretionary Mandate we invest for the client according to a jointly defined strategy. In an Advisory Mandate we advise but the client takes the decisions.

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Tailor Made


We strive to build portfolios with attractive risk/return attributes and reasonable liquidity. 
Focus on Diversification, Creditworthiness and Liquidity

The selection of a particular investment is based on both the expected return and on potential diversification effects for the entire portfolio. In other words, our objective is to take advantage of potential benefits from diversification while not over-diversifying. We consciously distinguish between return drivers and diversifiers.

Fixed Income – Portfolio risk can be significantly reduced by adding high quality fixed income securities. In order to achieve maximum risk reduction we use (high quality) bonds in the reference currency of the client and abstain from (higher yielding) foreign currency debt instruments.

Equities – We invest in single stocks, usually blue chips, in the client's reference currency. For international stocks and/or special topics (e.g. small caps, emerging markets, themes etc.) we prefer investment funds. As the importance of emerging markets will increase in the future we place a significant emphasis on this space.

Alternative Investment Strategies (AIS) – AIS constitute an important part of a well-diversified portfolio. As AIS we define all investments that are not classified as high quality fixed income or equity (e.g. high-yield bonds, real estate, commodities, hedge funds, etc). We also offer our expertise and access to our network of hedge funds within individualized mandates.

Investment Funds – As an independent asset manager, we apply an open architecture and therefore are free and without conflicts of interest in the choice of funds. The selection is made solely on the basis of quantitative and qualitative criteria and individual consultations with the fund managers.

Carefully conceived and proven investment process.

The implementation of the investment strategy follows our proven, goal-oriented investment process in the reference currency of the client and under agreed upon restrictions and risk limits. While the Board and the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) determine the strategic allocation to the different asset classes, our investment committee decides jointly with the client relationship managers on the tactical allocation. The in-house portfolio management takes over the technical implementation, and our internal risk management and compliance ensures that all requirements and regulations are strictly followed. The investment process allows for continuous monitoring of portfolio performance compared to clients' objectives under ever changing market conditions.

Disciplined Implementation

Strategic Allocation
Executive Board and CIO

Tactical Allocation
Investment Committee, CIO

Portfolio Management

Control and Adherence
Risk Management/Compliance

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