The Swiss Wealth Management
to meet the highest expectations.

Limmat Wealth stands for independence, reliability, precision, stability and discretion. Swiss values that are oriented towards Swiss and international clients with individual needs and highest expectations.

Limmat, the name of a river in Zurich, symbolizes not only our anchorage in politically and economically stable Switzerland and in the international financial center of Zurich but it also stands for the constant flow with which the water takes our vessel through rough currents and rapids to its destination.

The term Wealth indicates our goal to preserve and over the long run grow our clients‘ wealth while considering all aspects, not only technical considerations of investments but also entrepreneurial, tax and personal aspects. 

Our experienced team and our well deliberated and constantly improved processes have proven very successful over the past 30 years. The high level of customer satisfaction unmistakably confirms that we are on the right track.

Dr. Maurizio A. M. Genoni
Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO

Gartenstrasse 32

Postfach 1882

CH-8027 Zürich

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